Second Surgery (part 2)

June 7, 2009

I'm starting to think that the doctors have no idea what they're doing. Dr. Jahn, clearly out of ideas, is wondering if my hearing issue is sinus related and has most recently put me on a diuretic and instructed me to use a netty pot. The diuretic is typically used for Meniere's disease, for which I have already tested negative, but Jahn has prescribed it nonetheless. The good news is that the netty pot seems to have resolved the dizziness. It seems I do have some pretty blocked sinuses and flushing them out has taken some of the heaviness out of my head.

However, it's been 3 months since the last surgery and I had to suggest that the doctor actually check my hearing, since they had clearly forgotten to do so. Even more suspect, the audiologist who administered the test claimed that my hearing was noticeably worse compared to the test after the first surgery, but Jahn insisted it was about the same. I had to argue the point by actually having him lay out all of the hearing tests side by side to compare (is this not commonsense?). The good doctor is still at a loss as to why I can't hear and has sent me to have a CAT scan of my sinuses. Of course, the doctor's office forgot to call and approve the appointment with my insurance, so the center canceled the scan the day before. I can't begin to describe the levels of rage and frustration welling up inside of me.